Resorts and Property Management

The Southwest Coast of Florida offers the very best vacation facilities in the United States.

We have world famous beaches and beautiful facilities. Your guests should be thrilled with the cleanliness of your facility and PCM Cleaning will guarantee that your condos and villas are immaculate. Your guests will enjoy a perfectly cleaned condo or villa while you enjoy the many benefits of outsourcing your cleaning activity:

  • When you outsource housekeeping, your staff can be totally devoted to other management duties for your resort or properties
  • Cleaning and housekeeping are necessary evils that can make or break rental properties but managing a housekeeping staff takes valuable time away from revenue producing functions like customer service and marketing In-house housekeeping can be expensive because of employer paid taxes like State Unemployment Insurance; Federal Unemployment Insurance; FICA; and Medicare. You eliminate these costs when you outsource
  • When you outsource housekeeping you no longer need to carry Workers' Compensation and Liability Insurance on the housekeeping staff
  • There is no need to maintain a housekeeping staff during the non-peak vacation months
  • During season, there is no need to focus on whether back-to-back departures and arrivals will be handled on a timely basis
  • All housekeeping functions are inspected by a manager, so this also eliminates the need for your staff to be involved
  • All resort villas, houses and condos are prepared for the guest's arrival

PCM Cleaning, Inc.

Offering a variety of house and office cleaning services:

Resorts and Rental Properties


Our mission is to stand above other cleaning companies by providing our customers with superior service.

We will always offer our clients unparalleled support; our best service and our honesty; and we will always treat our employees, who are our most important resource, with respect and dignity. We will do our best to enhance the economy while we satisfy our clients, our employees, and as we continue to achieve solid financial success to contribute to our community's growth.