About Us

PCM Cleaning, Inc. is a family owned and operated full-service cleaning company that was founded in 2002.

The owners, Paul and Catherine Mozzicato, are both involved on a daily basis with their clients and staff. Their "hands on" involvement has contributed to their success and continues to give them great references from Resort Managers, Residential Customers and Business Facilities Managers. Their large staff of housekeepers and janitors have been with them for many years and Paul and Catherine understand that low staff turnover is important to their clients.

Catherine C. Mozzicato - President/CEO

Responsible for the direction and growth of PCM Cleaning, Catherine founded the company and continues to have direct involvement with the client base. She is adamant about delivering excellence to the clients and she supports her clients by being results oriented. "As we contribute to job growth by hiring new employees, we must keep our long-term employees working to help grow our economy while we always understand and fulfil our clients' needs." c.mozzicato

Paul A. Mozzicato - VP Operations

Overseeing operations from resorts and private homes to corporate facilities, Paul's great attitude and management skills keep his cleaning teams motivated to perform at the highest level. Paul joined the company in 2005 and his organizational ability provides unparalleled support to the client base. "Our strategy for growth is absolute responsiveness to our clients". p.mozzicato

Nicole G. Coe - Client Service Specialist

Nicole manages market growth while being dedicated to enhancing our social media programs. Nicole joined PCM Cleaning in 2003 and she leads with new ideas and an absolute vision for future growth. "By understanding and interacting with the business community, we can generate positive results for our clients". n.coe

Barbara Ledea Ramirez – Customer Service Manager

Barbara manages the cleaning staff in a way that produces perfection for our clients. Barbara joined PCM in 2017 as a full-time employee and her eye toward detail generates results. “The right attitude leads to excellence” B. Ledea Ramirez.

PCM Cleaning, Inc.

Offering a variety of house and office cleaning services:

Resorts and Rental Properties


Our mission is to stand above other cleaning companies by providing our customers with superior service.

We will always offer our clients unparalleled support; our best service and our honesty; and we will always treat our employees, who are our most important resource, with respect and dignity. We will do our best to enhance the economy while we satisfy our clients, our employees, and as we continue to achieve solid financial success to contribute to our community's growth.